Black Gator® BOP Cans

The use of a Blowout Preventer (BOP) Can is required when performing an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) Drill Stem Test (DST). Typically utilized on exploration wells, DSTs are often the key to determining the productive capacity of a hydrocarbon reservoir. Pressure from the reservoir is frequently at its highest point during a DST, and the reservoir fluids may contain hydrogen sulfide, consequently these tests can carry considerable risk for rig personnel. Ensuring well control is of upmost importance. The BOP Can and associated electrical penetrator provides a positive pressure barrier. This barrier is accomplished by sealing the ESP power supply and the cylindrical outer housing to form a seal with the BOP pipe rams completing the necessary pressure isolation within the well annulus.

The Black Gator® BOP Can is available in 10-3/4", 9-5/8" and 7" sizes to suit the BOP pipe rams. When the DST string is required to be set in the wellhead, an adjustable hanger is available to provide proper space out of the BOP Can and landing string.

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