Field Training

A PFT technician is available to visit your field facility and conduct onsite training classes in:

  • Connector and downhole completion equipment assembly
  • Testing and redress of new and used feed-thru systems and downhole completion equipment
  • Installation
  • Product selection

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PFT's engineering department can provide feed-thru and downhole completion solutions for your specific application. They are available to meet and coordinate with wellhead manufacturers, pump companies and well completion providers to insure the right product for the application.

Torque & Testing Services

The PFT Systems (UK) service department provides torque and pressure testing and refurbishment of downhole tools, and well completion equipment. The Weatherford ComCAM 15/80-H bucking unit gives us the capability to torque 1inch to 15inch pipe diameter range components up to 80,000ft-lbs. We have a 45ft long pressure test bay with capabilities to hydro test to 15,000psi.

Some key features of our torque and testing equipment include:

  • 1" minimum to 15" maximum pipe outside diameter
  • One set of jaws for 1inch to 7 inch diameter range, second set of jaws for 3-1/2 inch to 15 inch diameter range
  • Torques up to 80,000ft-lbs
  • Precise torque measuring, controlling and recording using Weatherford's TPC computer and TorkPro software

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Positive Barrier Advantage: Problem Positive Barrier Advantage: Problem
Positive Barrier Advantage: Problem Positive Barrier Advantage: Problem