Black Gator® LB Wellhead Feed-Thru System

Black Gator LB

PFT’s Black Gator® LB Wellhead Feed-Thru System is our innovative, economical alternative to low-tier non-positive gas barrier systems that rely on an epoxy putty seal. The LB style system uses PFT’s proven Black Gator® Universal Lower Connector to terminate the cable and block any migration of gas or fluids. The LB surface junction mounts directly onto the penetrator to ensure a perfect fit every time. The conductors extend through the top of the penetrator into the LB surface junction box, where they connect to the power cable with set-screw lugs. The lugs are protected with our innovative (patent-pending) submersible lug cover assembly. The penetrator profile can be machined to accommodate nearly any wellhead and hanger combination.


While the matching thread profiles on some PFT components may allow them to be connected to products supplied by other manufacturers, PFT does not advocate or recommend this practice. Mating PFT products with those from other manufacturers violates PFT product warranties, and invalidates any and all safety certifications for that product.