Black Gator® Wellhead Penetrators

Standard mandrels

The PFT standard line of wellhead penetrators follows traditional industry design profiles ranging from 12–31 inches long. All of these penetrators are rated to 5000 psig, 5kV, 205A, temperatures up to 450° F and incorporate PEEK component parts. Penetrators are available in standard or HazLoc- certified designs.

Penetrator profiles vary depending on the wellhead manufacturer and the amount of space available for the penetrator in a wellhead assembly. PFT has numerous penetrator designs and profiles in our inventory to accommodate nearly any wellhead in the industry.

If one of our existing penetrators does not meet your needs we will rapidly design one to your specific wellhead requirements.

While the matching thread profiles on some PFT components may allow them to be connected to products supplied by other manufacturers, PFT does not advocate or recommend this practice. Mating PFT products with those from other manufacturers violates PFT product warranties, and invalidates any and all safety certifications for that product.