Black Gator® ESP Connector Systems

Our innovative Black Gator® connectors safely convey power (electricity) from a surface power source through the wellhead to a downhole, electric submersible pump (ESP). Black Gator® components are available to fit most wellhead profiles and can work in numerous configurations. This diagram illustrates more connectors than would occur in a typical well installation.

Well Schematic

A typical “feed-thru” system consists of three components: surface connector, wellhead penetrator, and lower connector.

Surface Connectors

Field-attachable connectors for cables ranging from 4AWG to 1/0, or supplied as a pigtail in varying lengths. ATEX, CSA and IECEx certified to meet global HazLoc requirements.

Wellhead Penetrators

The wellhead penetrator conveys power through the wellhead and maintains a pressure barrier. Profiles are available to fit virtually any wellhead in use and we can engineer custom designs to fit your application.

Universal Connector

The versatile Black Gator® Universal Connector functions as a lower connector and in other configurations. It can be used with various sizes of flat or round downhole cable.

Gator Feed®*

PFT’s Gator Feed® (not pictured) combines lower connector and wellhead penetrator into one integral unit, for installation in short or restricted tubing head bowls.

Complete systems for specialized applications.

Cayman LB

Designed to fit space-constrained wellheads.

Black Gator® LB

Our innovative alternative to low-tier non-positive gas barrier systems.

Tri-Gator®* LB

For concentric wellhead completions, or retrofit to non-ESP wellheads or existing three-lead completions.

In more complex completions, downhole packers separate zones or provide additional safety. Like the wellhead penetrator, packer penetrators convey power while at the same time maintaining a pressure block.

Eliminate costly vertical splices and save time on the rig with this quick and easy-to-assemble unit.

While the matching thread profiles on some PFT components may allow them to be connected to products supplied by other manufacturers, PFT does not advocate or recommend this practice. Mating PFT products with those from other manufacturers violates PFT product warranties, and invalidates any and all safety certifications for that product.