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Reference Library

Specific Gravity of Oil

Type of Oil Temp kg m-3 SG at 60°F
Crude oil, 48° API 60°F 790 0.7883
Crude oil, 40° API 60°F 825 0.8251
Crude oil, 35.5° API 60°F 847 0.8473
Crude oil, 32.5° API 60°F 862 0.8628
Crude oil, California 60°F 915  
Crude oil, Mexican 60°F 973  
Crude oil, Texas 60°F 873  

API Gravity Formulas

The formula used to obtain the API gravity of petroleum liquids is:
API gravity = (141.5/SG at 60°F) – 131.5

Conversely, the specific gravity of petroleum liquids can be derived from the API gravity value as:
SG at 60°F = 141.5/(API gravity + 131.5)
60°F (or 15.5556°C) is used as the normal value for measurements and further tables give adjustments for temperature
(as determined by ASTM D1298).

Thus, a heavy oil with a specific gravity of 1.0 (i.e., with the same density as pure water at 60°F) would have an API gravity of (141.5/1.0) – 131.5 = 10.0 degrees API.